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19 JUL 2024

Promote your brand or business with KarteDrop!

KarteDrop will begin offering branded sites in early 2024.

With a branded site you can:

  • Create and manage your own Karte designs 🖼️
  • Provide a unique landing page where your audience can browse and send Kartes using your designs 🌐
  • Automatically embed a call to action, special offer or discount code with each Karte sent 📣
  • Display a digital kiosk for in-person patrons to show off your designs 🖥️
  • Access reporting and analytics, including usage and reach.

We are currently Beta testing KarteDrop Sites and accepting additional brands!

If you are interested, you can sign up using the form below. 👇


KarteDrop Sites

Promote Your Brand or Business

A KarteDrop site is a unique landing page to host your own Karte designs.

From here, your audience uses your designs to send Kartes.

In addition to your awesome designs, recipients will also see a unique message from you when they view their Karte. This could be:

  • Information about your product or service
  • Links to your website, social media or podcast
  • A Call to Action
  • A special promotion or discount code

In-Store Promotions

Each KarteDrop site includes a Kiosk mode to encourage in-store engagement.

The KarteDrop Kiosk is designed to work with in-store digital display boards. Your Karte designs are displayed, along with a QR code that directs patrons to your KarteDrop site.

You can also generate a print-ready table tent with your KarteDrop site information and QR code. Perfect for restaurant tables or reception counters.

KarteDrop Sites For...

  • Retail and Restaurants
  • Designers
  • Events
  • Podcasters

Beta Invites

Beta Invites are live 🎉! Sign up below to receive your beta invite to KarteDrop's Branded Sites. 👇

Beta users will receive free, early access to Branded Sites and special discounts after subscriptions launch in 2024!

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