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Karte is the name for our digital postcards.

Fun fact: Karte is also the German word for card, though we pronounce it 'kaart' and in Germany it is 'kar·te'.

Yes! When you create a Karte, you start with a template that sets the Karte picture and colors.

From there, you can customize:

  • Your Karte Location (what appears in the postmark)
  • Your Karte Title
  • Your Karte Message

Premium Kartes allow further customization, including:

  • You can upload your own custom Karte and Stamp pictures.
  • You can add custom text over your Karte picture and change the color and font.
  • You can customize the colors of your Karte background and accents.

When you are done creating your Karte, you have two options:

  • Choosing 'Generate sharing links' will create a unique URL for your Karte and one-click buttons to share your creation over popular social media channels.
  • Choosing 'Drop your Karte' will send your Karte to the email address (or addresses for Premium Kartes) you provide. This works like dropping a real postcard in the mail. We take care of emailing your Karte to your recipient and notify you when they've viewed it.

Currently, we support one-click sharing to Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter.

We also generate a unique URL for each of your Kartes that can be used on any platform.

Our public sharing pages use OpenGraph and Twitter compliant meta tags so shared Kartes look good across many platforms.

Currenty, no. We treat Kartes like real postcards. Once a Karte is created, it cannot be changed.

It depends.

If you create a public Karte, yes you can delete it. Think of it like pinning a real postcard to a bulletin board, then coming by later and removing it.

If you send your Karte via email, no, you cannot delete it. This of if like dropping a real postcard in the mail. Once it leaves, it is now the property of the recipient.

A Limited Drop is a limited edition template that is only available for a certain number of Kartes (ex. 500) or only available for a short period of time (ex. 48 hours).

Limited Drops can be identified by the limited icon .

Limited Drops can appear under either Free or Premium Kartes. Free Limited Drop will be free and Premium Limited Drops will be standard Premium Karte price.

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